Prayer for Peace, at 30k Feet

Astronauts, gazing at the
milky marble Earth,
marvel at the yearning
for peace they feel
high above the stratosphere.

When our smallness,
our unity of home,
is placed in perspective,
our warring seems
both silly and unspeakable.

Though I’ve never seen
the world from those lofty heights,
an airplane-view provides
more than enough expansiveness
to gain clarity of our condition.

High above our compulsion
towards violence,
I see the humbling beauty of Creation:
nations without borders,
a system that lives or dies as one.

This world, our birthright,
is so much Enough…
particularly when we relinquish
scraps and shards of “mine,”
and give way to “ours.”

Let it be, Lord.
Let it be.

(originally written on 6/14/16, while on the way to California)

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