About Serendipity Soiree

“Serendipity Soiree” is a reference to the late great Dr. Kenneth Lawrence, who taught religion at Texas Christian University.  Ken was delighted with the unexpected (especially unexpected or serendipitous gatherings of friends) and was known to stop everything or miss appointments in order to revel in the moment. 

Ken helped me to rejoice in unexpected delights, unusual grace, and the word “vino”.  May God bless his soul, but not rest it…for I know that Ken is dancing in the presence of his Lord.


One thought on “About Serendipity Soiree

  1. Lorenzo was not just a teacher of religion but a professor of life, in that he professed the goodness and joy of being human and the liveliness of a reasoned faith.

    I will always treasure the years I spent as his student assistant … sorting slides, working late together at night in his office, spending hours in front of a Caravaggio at the Kimball, dancing with il Gruppo in a nightclub in Nauplion, and sitting at the kitchen bar while he prepared some special coffee or served tartuffo.

    Ken was a friend and mentor, who challenged my presuppositions, shook me out of my youthful self-centeredness, and opened my eyes not only to the language of art and architecture and human development but to the language of myth that speaks more truth than any equation or theorem.

    He did for me what he did for so many students–rescued religion from fundamentalism and relativism alike. Oh, it’s good to see his name as the inspiration for your blog. Serendipity, indeed!

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