A Prayer

In the stillness of this moment we turn our hearts to you, Eternal One.  Yet, our questions, our fears, our pain, even our joys make us restless.

Some of us long for your shalom, that peace which passes all understanding – and wonder if our patience will hold out.

Some of us yearn for healing, a body or life made right and new – and wonder if hope is a vain thing.

Some of us marvel and bask in the love shared with us by others, yet wonder if such a sublime thing can last – our fears nibbling, slowly getting the best of us.

This life, with its mixtures of good and bad, hope and despair, wonder and fear – this life confuses us.  And yet it is here, in this muddled place, that you meet us, day after day.  We fall before you in awe, that you would enter our lives exactly as they are – that through Christ you would come to know precisely what it feels like to live with such mixed emotion.

Remind us today, and always, that in You we are never alone.  If we ascend to the highest heavens, you are there.  If we make our bed in Sheol – yes, even in the grave – you are there.  In all the messy joy and muddied sorrow of this life, you are with us – loving us, strengthening us, calling us…

Help us to answer your callings for our lives.  A call to teach, to parent, to do business with integrity, to preach, to seek justice, to heal, to learn – in all the varied ways you call us into lives of meaning and service, give us the courage to say “YES”.  Infuse our life together with creativity and hope, so that we can step into your future for our church with “yes” on our lips.

We ask these things, along with the unnamed prayers of our hearts, in the powerful name of Jesus.


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