Confessions of a Craft Nut

Secretly, I’m a bit of a craft nut. I’ve been embracing it more and more in the last couple of years, in part because I discovered amigurumi (a type of crochet that makes delightful little stuffed animals – see the last two pictures if you’re wondering what that looks like). Could be I’m just getting older and turning into my mother.

Anyhow, for our anniversary (Four years! Woohoo!) Chuck got me a Cricut machine – and I’m thrilled! It cuts paper into all sorts of fun shapes, depending upon the design cartridge one is using. Not the sort of thing I would have wanted ten years ago, but now I’m geeking out about it.

What can one do with these little paper cuttings, you ask? For starters, I’m working on homemade tags (for gifts as well as for the crocheted critters I may be selling around Christmas this year, if I get cracking…). They’re not quite done – I plan to give them a coat of modge podge to make them shiny/strong – but wanted to share them anyway. Enjoy:






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