Whispering God,
your wisdom rustles through
the river reeds
and nudges us with watery tongue
when we stand upon the shore.

Help us hear you.

Laughing God,
your mirth resounds in
songbird gaiety
and bubbles forth from
chortling babes.

Help us hear you.

Shouting God,
your passion roars with
crashing wave
and pounds the senses
with avalanche crashing.

Help us hear you.

Thinking God,
your contemplation hangs
in the silence before morning
and pulsates through
misty mountain meadow.

Help us hear you.

You, O God,
Are in everything we hear,
If only we will listen.
Give us new ears and
work a new hearing within us
That we might be filled with wonder
as we receive strains of You
in your melodious creation.

Help us hear you.


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