Prepare the Way!

Prepare the Way!

The Second Sunday of Advent



Surprising, wonderful God

You shock us with your grace

Shepherding us

Gathering us in your arms

When we blindly

Or willingly

Go astray


We wait for you

Shepherd God

Though we know not where you will lead us


We wait for you

Merciful God

unsure of why you offer us forgiveness


We wait for you

Unpredictable God

Knowing your surprises are on the move!




Something new is coming

We can smell it in the air

With its crisp cinnamon sweetness


Something new is stirring

We can feel the thrill of expectation

Rattling our chill dry bones


Something new is growing

We can hear it whisper above the din

Of ringing bells and shopping mall cacophony




The road of Advent-surprise awaits You, God

But it is cluttered with

The debris of our lives.


Fill in the valleys

The chasms we create between ourselves

And those who think or speak or dress differently


Level the hills

The pedestals from which we

Look down upon the choices others have made


Fill in the ruts

The wounds of grief and guilt

That cut into our spirits


Clear out the rocks

The stumbling blocks of our addictions

To drink and food, money and power


Make the way straight.

Like a nesting couple awaiting the arrival of a child,

Prepare the nursery of our hearts

So that we will be ready

For the birth of the Christ-child.




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